Wedding and Engagement Experience


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and documented days of your life.  There is so much going on, and so many details, that you want to remember them all. That?s where we come in.  We will be with you every step of the way, from the beginning when you just have a few questions, to many phone calls, texts, emails or meetings, to the wedding day and beyond.

Congratulations! You're Engaged


I love to meet my bride and groom before their big day if at all possible.  If we can?t meet in person, we can chat over the phone, or even zoom.  I want to know exactly what you are imagining for your wedding, go over an estimated timeline, and specific details.

I have been photographing weddings for over 22 years and will help you in any way possible.  If you have questions, I will have answers. We will be in contact as much as you need. We will chat 1 week before your wedding, and then again, 1-2 days before just to finalize everything.

Engagment Photos

Engagement photos are a blast.  They are relaxed and fun, like a date, where you get to know me, and I get to know you.  This is the real you, in real, everyday clothes, without the stress of everything going on during your wedding day.  While, the wedding pictures are super important, this is a way of showing off the real you.  You can take these images and sprinkle them around your reception site, create an elegant signing board, or enjoy a personalized guest book.  The possibilities are limitless.


Saying I-DO

Every wedding day is unique.  From the venue, to the weather, season, and of course the Bride and Groom.  We will be there for you every step of the day. Not only will we be your photographers, but your friend, sounding board, dress fixer, and all-around helper.

We have pre-set packages that range from $1900-$4500.  If one of these doesn?t work for you, we can build a custom package that fits your exact needs. I strive to always have at least one assistant as well, at no additional cost.

We cover anything from getting ready photos, to the ceremony, photos of the happy couple, photos with your family and friends, and of course the reception!  We work closely with your caterers, DJ, coordinators, and venue staff, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


After the Honeymoon

Expect 3-6 weeks after your wedding ceremony to view your photos. They will be put on an online gallery where you can view your photos, and, pass on to family and friends to view.  They even have the option to order directly, so you don?t have to worry about taking orders for people.  After oohing, ahhhing, and maybe shedding a few tears, we will connect and finalize your package and get you the thumb drive. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for prints, and 6-8 weeks for albums to be delivered after the ordering process is complete.

 Stacey did a wonderful job capturing our most special day! She was very patient and willing to do the extra work to make our day fabulous! She also worked really great and coordinated very well with our DJ. I would absolutely recommend her photography services! Raquel Gordillo Davis

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